Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront

Distinguishing the public from the private spaces, this home was designed to enhance the movement and comfort of people, elevate social gatherings and use colour therapy for bedrooms and studies. The majority completed in 3 weeks in October 2020, the needs to work / school from home were also taken into account, orienting desks for optimal focus, shades for light and fabrics for sound.

Sustainability was a key focus of this project - with a reclaimed, up cycled dining table and locally sourced artworks and furniture, the home incorporates the modern, international perspective of Hong Kong, with very traditional items along the way.

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Designing around practicalities and requirements of a young family, furniture and fixtures were sourced to enable individuals of all ages to express their identity and inhabit a space that would work well for them for years to come. From practical pieces such as shelving to actual investment art pieces, the decoration was curated to evoke awareness and discussion, nurturing a relationship between environment and man.

Natural materials mixed with modern shapes enables this family to create a welcoming atmosphere, with spaces of play, spaces of focus and spaces of entertainment, creating a well-rounded home for all members of the family.

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Art - Inspiring, modern and full of life - this family home was a testament to the thoughtful collection and curation of artists from around the world.

Working on balancing art with a homely comfort, a selection of new materials were introduced to the space. Sustainable options were carefully considered with existing furniture, colours refined, and a new dynamic relationship was introduced, using decorative items to trigger nostalgia instead of overpower each other.

Upcycling furniture instead of replacing them was a key proponent to this project. A new life was brought into the space through careful orientation - one that nurtures conversation, comfort and environmental relationships.

This home is under progress and photos will be uploaded shortly.

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Understanding the needs of a family with young children is key to understanding the flow within communal spaces. Working on the living and dining area of this home, we injected colour and culture into a space that was missing dialogue and interaction. Uplifting and elevating the spaces worked towards creating an inviting atmosphere, for the family to enjoy with their friends.

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Blending antiques, collectibles and heirloom pieces with post-modern shapes and design, the desire for this family to create a more homely atmosphere was accomplished through bespoke furniture pieces, mixing new and old materials, modern and vintage finishes. Lighting design was essential to create a warm atmosphere in communal spaces, and textiles key to creating warmth in bedrooms.

This home is under progress and photos will be uploaded shortly.



All Under One Roof: The Residential Dilema

From a home, to a school, to a place of work, 2020 has seen a shift in the use of 'homes'. The need to focus layered with the necessity to play, spaces are starting to express multiple characters and these different personalities require a better definition and design.

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Where privacy becomes key, individuality of expression becomes a tool and where sound, texture and biophilia restore our mind to help us get through the day.

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Where expression and personality become leading tools to innovate, these spaces represent our desires, our aspirations and the core of our character. Nurturing dialogue and human connections, social spaces bring people together, making them part of the experience.

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Residential spaces have also become a school and a playground for children. With the need to keep a clear separation between mature spaces and those for the minis, the design of bedrooms has become increasingly important to accommodate all the functions needed to support their mental and physical growth.



Visual Collection

Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 3.17.57 PM.jpg
Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
Christine Ritter Designs _The Waterfront
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