Great Art Inspires. Great Design Motivates.

At the heart of everything we do is the firm belief that creativity is key to moving forward. From problem-solving spaces to designing bespoke furniture, we take our clients, corporate and private, on a journey to bring their ideas to life.

From ideation to production, we understand that design needs to be relevant; working toward a sustainable solution for everyone, we aim to create a strong connection with nature, applying biophilia to all of our work. 

These details never go unnoticed. 



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A ‘proper’ home filled with natural materials and timeless ‘forever’ pieces

“My preferred aesthetic is a balance between natural and modern, and fortunately Miles and Jules liked my suggestions,” says Ritter. Keeping most rooms a fresh white, she used earthy dark beige and soft khaki for a calmer feel in the master suite and fourth bedroom, which triples as a home office, guest bedroom and makeshift cinema for movie nights. She sourced a few African wall masks, filled the house with lush plants (Ritter also runs a subscription-based floristry business) and found jungle mural wallpaper on Etsy for the Richardsons’ animal-loving, youngest son.



Inspired by the wild & the natural, we offer a premium selection of seasonal blooms, delivered straight to your door. Curated and hand crafted by Christine herself, these arrangements bring freshness and seasonality into your home.

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A Design Consultancy

Creating a dialogue between you and your environment... 

As we open our front door, sit on our chair or walk through spaces, a series of emotions and sensations are felt - thoughts are had. A dialogue is set in motion. This dialogue is key to our wellness - and through design, we aim to give this dialogue positivity, sustenance and life. Sustainable sourcing, natural materials and spacial awareness are selected to ensure that social spaces are conversational, or privacy is respected for focus... In an exciting, natural and sustainable manner.

Christine embroiders details into all of her work. From interior design to set styling, her responsibility to drive sustainability in design alters her perception of spaces, layering interiors with exteriors, functionality with creativity... striking a perfect balance to make spaces last a lifetime.

See her portfolio of work here:

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With an emphasis on wellness and sustainability in design, let us help you create and curate your residence, workspace or retail space with innovative, cutting edge solutions that work with your character and brand identity.

When it comes to making a lasting impression, it’s crucial to curate every last detail and let the environment whisper to your guests... Create that silent dialogue through design, create an unforgettable experience.

Our team understands how important it is for clients to create a lasting visual impact. From set styling to photography and communication strategies, let us help you create that unique dialogue to grow your audience, meaningfully.

Christine Ritter Designs - Vanessa Cardi

Inspired by the natural and the wild, we work with individuals and brands to elevate existing spaces with life using fauna & flore. Check our bi-weekly deliveries and subscriptions here for more details.

Trained in Lesage Paris, we hand embroider intricate details into our bespoke gowns, creating that unique dialogue between a dress and her owner. Made in Hong Kong, we strive to create a local industry for couture.


Having worked for international production houses, our design consultancy is a great resource for brands looking for design pieces. From athleisure to uniform design, we sculpt bodies with delicate seams and pattern.




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